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In the tradition of well established blogs dedicated to regional rivalries, the Battle for the Cup blog presents an opportunity for Battle Bloggers to meet browser-to-browser with fans of new rivals from each round of the NHL's stanley cup playoffs. It is a home for hockey fans who want to participate in the battle of each round of NHL playoff hockey by voicing their opinions, objections, commentary and boosting their favourite teams while disparaging their opponents and rivals who didn't make the playoffs (that's you, Toronto)
Välkomnande till vår Svensk vännerna vem har komma till tomten. Behaga bli med och ger oss en Scandanavian perspektiv.

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Seeking Team Representatives!

So, in order for this site to be useful, fun, or simply a huge distraction from your productivity in April, we need contributors! Ideally we'll have two representatives from each team in the playoffs to post articles on the front page. Anyone will be able to comment, but they need something to comment about. If you are a literate - and affable - fan of one or more teams, or if you love stirring up rival fans, you're the type we want. If you are a regular commenter on, well, you likely had someone - your parole officer, perhaps - show you how to navigate here so I wouldn't recommend applying for the job, even if you knew what that was.

What the 'job' requires:

  • At least you, or the rep for your rival team, should be able to post at least one post per game that your team plays. This allows commenters to respond to something of relevance,
  • You should have respectable knowledge of your team and can mine the 'net and's stats when disparaging your rival,
  • A pent-up rage towards some event in your youth that you are to afraid/proud to talk about so instead you lash out at others using a combination of sarcam and elitist humour directed downwards at rival fans.
That's about it. Pretty simple. E-mail me at mork.from.ork.78(chez) if you want to be a contributor and we'll get you hooked up.


Welcome to the Battle for the Cup. As you'll see in the header, the purpose of this blog is to bring together fans of teams in the NHL playoffs. There are plenty of team blogs, regional rivalry blogs, etc. out there which are dedicated to said teams/rivalries. However, the nature of the playoffs is such that every two weeks, a new short-term rivalry arises as teams move on. Here at the Battle for the Cup, we want to bring together fans from these teams (sorry, Leaf Nation) to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, successes and failings as the series go on, and to generally have fun kicking fans when their teams lose.

This site will probably work best for game-time commenting so you can continue visiting your normal top quality blogs for post-game analysis. While here, keep it respectable, please.

As an award, at the end of the playoffs, when the Champion has emerged victorious and with Cup raised high, the blog colours will change to those of the last team standing and remain so until the conclusion of the next season, or until the administrators get bored with the colours. (Rest assured, blue and white will never be used for the site colours :)). For now, though, Carolina won't get that respect as they were too inept to make it back to the playoffs following the win.