Battle for the Cup

In the tradition of well established blogs dedicated to regional rivalries, the Battle for the Cup blog presents an opportunity for Battle Bloggers to meet browser-to-browser with fans of new rivals from each round of the NHL's stanley cup playoffs. It is a home for hockey fans who want to participate in the battle of each round of NHL playoff hockey by voicing their opinions, objections, commentary and boosting their favourite teams while disparaging their opponents and rivals who didn't make the playoffs (that's you, Toronto)
Välkomnande till vår Svensk vännerna vem har komma till tomten. Behaga bli med och ger oss en Scandanavian perspektiv.

Conference Finals Schedule

Monday, May 7, 2007

Western Conference Final: Ducks v. Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings (1)
Anaheim Ducks (2)

Preseries intro coming soon, but don't hesitate to start to berate your new enemy fans! Blog your best and blog it often!