Battle for the Cup

In the tradition of well established blogs dedicated to regional rivalries, the Battle for the Cup blog presents an opportunity for Battle Bloggers to meet browser-to-browser with fans of new rivals from each round of the NHL's stanley cup playoffs. It is a home for hockey fans who want to participate in the battle of each round of NHL playoff hockey by voicing their opinions, objections, commentary and boosting their favourite teams while disparaging their opponents and rivals who didn't make the playoffs (that's you, Toronto)
Välkomnande till vår Svensk vännerna vem har komma till tomten. Behaga bli med och ger oss en Scandanavian perspektiv.

Conference Finals Schedule

Monday, May 7, 2007

Western Conference Final: Ducks v. Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings (1)
Anaheim Ducks (2)

Preseries intro coming soon, but don't hesitate to start to berate your new enemy fans! Blog your best and blog it often!

Eastern Conference Final: Senators v. Sabres

Ottawa Senators (4)
Buffalo Sabres (1)

The stage is set for the Eastern Conference Finals. The President Trophy winning Buffalo Sabres (1) host the steamrolling Ottawa Senators (4) in a battle to represent the Eastern Conference in the Stanley Cup Final.

The Buffalo Sabres, known "affectionately" by rival fans as the BuffaSlugs for the team's new logo and general work ethic of their fans, have had a reversal of season. Starting strong out of the gate with a strong record over the first 20 games, the Sabres held on to gain home-ice throughout the playoffs and have been playing middle-of-the-pack hockey from around December onwards.

Their opponent, the underdog Ottawa Senators, are playing the strongest hockey of their history. The last 20 games of the season, the Senators were the team to beat winning big, coming from behind, grinding, and emerging from close games with the win. What a turnaround to the abysmal start that had pundits wondering if Ottawa would even make the post-season.

This series promises to be the best of the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs as plenty of bad blood still exists from the February 22 meeting which saw Ottawa's Neil lay out Buffalo's Drury while finishing a clean open-ice check.

The Sabres responded by sending out goons Mair and Peters against the skilled Senators Spezza and Heately which turned out to be the best matchup Buffalo could manage with a chance of winning.

Biron, wholly embarassed by the fists of Emery was sent-off to Philadelphia for some fresh air and the chance to see attractive women.

The bad blood is sure to boil early and often. How long before Peters & McGrattan appear on the lineup cards? Which goalie will stand tallest? Will Brian Murray stoop to Lindy Ruff's tactics or will hockey prevail?

Sens & Sabres fans: Post your best and post it often - it's likely to get as messy here as it is on the ice.